Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Schematic and Layout (updated)

Schematic V2
I've updated the original post with a better schematic that supports (in theory) write operation and side select for Model III computers. The improved layout is suitable for building by hobbyists as it is single-sided and the traces have been widened and corners smoothed for improved etching according to advice I received. The large open area in the bottom right is designed to be cut out to clear the audio and video connectors. I hope to build a few of these using single-sided PCB prototype boards. The program that I am using is KiCad EDA Software Suite and project files for the design are available on request or I can export Gerber files.While I believe the schematic above is correct I offer no warranty for anyone who chooses to use this design. Though if you have the tools and experience to build your own board you probably are capable of checking and even improving on my layout.

Wider traces and smooth corners for better etching. Large pads for easier drilling.

CONN_2 is a jumper wire to avoid needing a double-sided board as I could not route that line directly. P1 is a right-angle female 34-pin cable connector. The outline in the picture is misleading as the ribbon cable plugs into the left side with the cable exiting up and to the left. P2 is a 26 pin female pin header which is fitted underneath the board and plugs into the male header on the Raspberry Pi. The finished board is approximately 2-1/2 x 2-12 inches square.

I have successfully read some copy-protected game disks using the software and I believe that with further tweaking I should be able to read most copy-protected disks.